Highlights of replies on elevator industry by Special Equipment Bureau of State Administration for Market Regulation in this week Special Equipment Bureau of State Administration for Market Regulation has made replies to the public on elevator issues in this week and some of them worth a glance here. 1. On the issue of the manufacturer of Unexpected Car Movement Protection (UCMP), the Administration has clearly pointed out that the manufacturer of UCMP could be different from the unit maker...In Detail
KONE, SCHINDLER REPORTEDLY EYEING THYSSENKRUPP ELEVATOR In the wake of thyssenkrupp AG announcing plans to launch its elevator business in an initial public offering (IPO), rather than splitting the company in two, KONE and Schindler are reportedly exploring the viability of a bid, Reuters is among news outlets to report. The source observes thyssenkrupp’s EUR14-billion (US$15.7-billion) elevator division is its most profitable. Citing “people familiarr,...In Detail
GLOBAL TOP TEN ELEVATOR COMPANIES 2018 update shows subtle changes in the ranking order, accounting for the instability in industry competition and importance of corporate strategy... In Detail
1982 ESCALATORS BEING REPLACED AT COLORADO AIRPORT Two escalators dating to 1982 are being replaced at the Grand Junction Regional Airport in Grand Junction, Colorado, as part of a larger terminal renovation, The Daily Sentinel reports. Contractors from FCI Constructors, Inc. worked throughout the day on May 15 to remove the “down” escalator on the west side of the airport and install a new one. The “up” escalator near the baggage check-in area is set to be replaced in June. According to FCI, the new equipment is being provided by Otis, the escalators are the only ones in western Colorado...In Detail
DEDICATED ELEVATORS AMONG AMENITIES IN MELBOURNE TOWER A trio of dedicated elevators will be among amenities for residents who live on or above the 32nd floor of the 50-story LK Tower set to open late this year in the Melbourne CBD, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat reports. Designed by Bates Smart with a metallic, futuristic look and housing 400 apartments, it is joining the 10-story, 88-unit Capitol Grand tower, which is complete. In addition to the dedicated elevators, upper-floor dwellers in the 180-m-tall building will enjoy 360? views around Melbourne, a private entrance and access to an infinity pool, lounges, dining rooms and a gym...In Detail

KONE sees sales volume booming in China Q1

The Finnish elevator manufacture Kone has brighter expectation on its sales and profit in 2019, as the sales volume in China booms in Q1, driving the growth in the company. The sales amount released by Kone was higher than anticipation, while Henrik Ehrnrooth announced that the boom was partly due to China’s government loosening construction and housing policies...In Detail

China (Zhejiang) Skills Training Education Expo in Hangzhou with organizer of Xizi UHC The first session of China (Zhejiang) Skills Training Education Expo has been held in Hangzhou on May 6th, which is also the first expo in skills in China. Lu Jun, Vice Minister of Organization Department of CPC Hangzhou Committee, Secretary and Head of Provincial Bureau of Human Resource and Social Security, and Ji Yihong, Member of Part Group and Vice Minister of Provincial Bureau of Human Resource and Social Security... In Detail
China’s program Impossible Challenge brought Sicher’s elevator on the cliff on China... The Season 2 of inspirational and challenge program Impossible Challenge, held by China Central Television, has found a view and taken videos on Tianping Mountain in Linzhou, where stands the elevator on the cliff and players are required to climb to the top with a vacuum cleaner. Mr. Yang Xiangting has accomplished the mission and climbed to the top of the 120-meter-high grass elevator shaft with his strong will and spirit of never giving up... In Detail

Property owners committee wrote to State Administration for Market Regulation...

A property owners committee has sent State Administration for Market Regulation a letter, whose name is suggestions on braking testing of 125% of rated load of elevators in residential communities.The suggestion has pointed out that different areas in the country have various implementation of the test. And the intensity of use and loading risk of elevator equipment vary in different sites, such as residential area, industrial area, commercial area and so on...In Detail

An elevator trapping accident at the midnight caused... Recently Ms. Qiu was in an elevator at the midnight when a trapping accident has happened. Ms. Qiu has been locked inside. Afterwards the elevator maintenance men came and found a piece of candy in the gap, which is considered to be...In Detail Controversy rises when chairs installed in elevator cars ... Chairs have been installed in the elevator cars in a residential community ever since April. Mr. Zhang, who lived at No.17, Luozhou, Jianxi District, Luoyang, has filed a complaint on it, for it would take up too much space and might cause... In Detail
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